The Bubbly Baby Bar (Organic)

The Bubbly Baby Bar (Organic)


The Bubbly Baby Bar (Organic)

The baby soap bar is handmade in N.Ireland, in the Uk.  It is traditionally made, using only three oils, olive, organic coconut and organic avocado oils.  It is gentle, mild, cleansing and has excellent moisturising and skin conditioning properties.  Very convenient as an all in one for hair and body, rich and moisturising with no hidden nasties.

So many babies now develop eczema I am convinced that the baby washes and creams etc are causing this.  This soap bar is as nature intended, simple oils reacted with an alkali to form a natural soap.  No fillers, no dyes, no nasty fragrances and no detergents. 

Free from SLS, synthetic colours, fragrances, preservatives, fillers, plastics, etc. etc. etc.

Suitable for use as an all in one wash for hair and body. 

Although no fragrance has been added, it does have a mild and pleasant natural scent.  Lots of bubbles and no worries about safety!  This product has recieved a full safety assessment in line with new EU legislation.

Minimum weight: 100g

INGREDIENTS:  Saponified oils (Extra virgin olive oil, organic coconut oil, organic avocado oil).

No allergens to declare.



Quantity:  at  £3.50  each

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